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Transind Holding is the sole distributor for Lay’s in Qatar 

Lays-(3) Cheetos-(3) Doritos-(3) Quavers-(3) Sunbites-(3)  

The Snacks Division boasts of an extensive Snacks portfolio that includes Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Sunbites and Quavers.

Transind is the Sole Distributor of Frito Lays products in Qatar since 2002. It symbolizing a much stronger bond between Transind and SAUDI SNACKS FOOD CO Ltd (PEPSICO) whilst also reflecting Transind’s commitment to building Frito Lays brands in Qatar for more than 13 years.

The Division is lead by Sales Director with fleets of over 38 exclusive trucks.  The distribution of the brands is done through by order booking and direct van delivery. Direct Distribution covers the entire area of Qatar. The Division has notched up an impressive track record.  We anticipate that this Division will expand significantly in the years to come as we continue to seek to extend the portfolio & increase the number of vehicles to cover more routes. All employees in the Division are dedicated to the development of the Lays product in Qatar market.


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